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i am floating, floating, floating.

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I don’t even feel the need to ask for comfort anymore, because I rarely get it. I got desperate once and sought for help, but I ended up with blank replies and tear stained cheeks. This whole cycle of trust is tumbling down like an avalanche and I’m tired.

My shoulders are drooping and they need warmth.


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I saw the Big Dipper yesterday.

And if I was the one driving the car, I’ll pull over, get out and lie down somewhere until the dawn appears.

I bet you my eyes were twinkling.


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i have no idea what to do with this small post cards, maybe i could just write sweet messages in them and sneak them inside people’s bags.
also, i had fun making this valentine cards even with my lack of creativity.

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I got to play prince charming for a little girl today. When I was walking down the sidewalk I saw a lost pink shoe in the middle of the path. About twenty footsteps in front of me was the little girl with the lost shoe. I quickly grabbed the shoe and placed it in front of her right foot and smiled.

She smiled right back at me and it was the prettiest thing in the world. This all happened while her mom has her back facing me the whole time.

I’m pretty much sure she was still smiling when I left.


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everyone wants to get in my pants

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This is the longest time I have opted to finish a book. More than five years I should say. The pages are already a yellow color but still smells fresh. It is the smell I crave for in old books. This book grew along with me. Its really a fucking gem. The price is still intact how ridiculous.

250 pages, I’m still not finished.

102 more.


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so dad bought me a ysl parfum

fffff yeahh


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One of my hobbies include looking at the angle of the fingers of someone who smokes. The way a cigarette fits between the phalanges and how the bones curve enough to let it stay. 


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every appointment i had with my dentist she bombards me with compliments i can’t even fathom if its sincere or not. last month she told me i should be a flight attendant because of my face, last week she told me to get a degree in teaching and now she wants me to get a career in acting.

and i can only reply with a dumb ‘nngghhh’ ‘huh’ ‘hrrrh’ while she injects deathly looking instruments on my mouth. 


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 ‘This Mr. Gatsby you spoke of is my neighbor — ’

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going to an art exhibition without a camera to accompany me makes me feel like a huge loser. 

i don’t mind going alone (lies) but having no camera makes me feel really, really alone.

anyway i had a fcking amazing hipster night. (music and art is the best combination)

and i didn’t drink, i deeply regret that. 


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do u like my grossly cute bookmark

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